The Security Services Division of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office is responsible for maintaining security at designated county buildings such as the Columbia County Courthouse, Department of Motor Vehicles, Department of Social Services, Human Services Building and the Probation/Public Defender Building.

Beyond building and property, the Division is also responsible for the individual security of Supreme Court Judges, County Court and Family Court Judges and certain Town Court Justices, as well as all persons using those buildings when court is in session.  On occasion the Division is called upon to provide security at Schools and other community events.

Deputy Sheriff's assigned to the Security Services Division receive special training in this area, which may require them to utilize metal detectors and digital x-ray devices.

Court Attendants are civilian members of the Sheriff's Office who are assigned to the County Courthouse and are responsible for providing assistance to Judges with facilitating the court docket, including the flow and interaction of individuals and juries when court is in session.

First Sergeant Donald Krapf is the Security Services Division Commander.



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