The Correctional Facility (Jail) Medical Unit has a Doctor who serves as Medical Director.  Additionally, RN and LPN nurses supervised by the Doctor and one RN Head Nurse address medical issues during designated times each day.  The medical staff work closely with the Correction Officers, other health care providers, Columbia County Mental Health and the Department of Public Health concerning mental health crisis intervention, HIV testing, Hepatitis Vaccinations and other medical issues.  Some of the supportive services which are offered to inmates during their incarceration include HIV Education classes and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.  The Medical Unit works closely with local rehabilitation agencies to provide a smoother transition for inmates leaving jail and entering drug or alcohol treatment programs.

When an inmate enters the Correctional Facility, a medical screening and history is completed and obtained.  As much information as possible is verified via primary care physicians and other health care and medication providers.  Only drugs prescribed by the Facility Medical Director and delivered by the contacted pharmacy are dispensed to inmates.  No medications can be brought to an inmate or released to a family member at any time.  The Medical Unit is HIPPA compliant and maintains appropriate confidentiality.  This means that no medical information will be discussed with anyone other then the inmate, unless teh inmate is under 18 years of age and the discussion is with a parent or guardian.  The Medical Director will however, discuss medical issues with primary care physicians and other individuals allowed by HIPPA.

RN Amy VanAlstyne is the Head Nurse of the Medical Unit.

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