The Sheriff's Office currently has two K-9 Teams.  K-9 Apollo was placed in service with his partner Deputy Sheriff Heath Benansky in 2012 and is trained and certified according to New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (NYS DCJS) Bureau of Municipal Police (BMP)standards.  Current certifications held by the team include police patrol and tracking as well as advanced narcotics detection.  Obtaining these certifications verifies that Deputy Benansky and K-9 Apollo can work effectively as a team serving the communities within the county.

K-9 Kane was placed in service with his partner Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Jason Garvey in 2018 and is also trained and certified according to NYS DCJS BMP standards.  Current certifications held by the team include police patrol, tracking and narcotics detection.

Continuing education and training is a must for any K-9 team that wishes to remain proficient and reliable in the duties they perform, so each month the team attends maintenance training as required, additionally seminars and special trainings are attended as patrol duties permit.

Special functions of K-9 Team include narcotics detection, patrol/tracking, explosive detection, searching for missing people, building/area searches, criminal apprehension and handler protection.  The K-9 Team also assist intra-agency units including the Drug Education and Enforcement Unit and Swat Team.  The Sheriff also makes the team available to other law enforcement agencies as needed on a 24hr call out basis.

As they say "a dogs work is never done", but when the K-9 Team is not on patrol or completing a specialized task, their interests are shifted towards educating the community.  This may include visits to the local schools, children's summer programs, senior citizen's meeting and other community events.

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