The Columbia County Correctional Facility/Jail Food Service Unit consists of full time and part time Cooks supervised by a Food Service Supervisor.  Every day the staff prepares all meals for up to 139 inmates.  Meals have been approved by a certified dietitian and meet state requirements for nutritional value.

The Head Cook is responsible for creating menus, ordering food, updating inventory, and overseeing deliveries.  There is usually a number of Inmates who are placed on special diets due to medical or religious needs.  The Food Service Supervisor also supervises inmate kitchen and laundry trustees, (trustees are inmates who are allowed to work within the facility, who are screened for criminal history, present crime(s) and jail disciplinary history).

The cooks prepare and serve three meals daily with a hot lunch being the largest meal.  Approximately one hundred thirty five thousand meals are prepared each year by the Food Service Unit.

Christine Tilton is the Food Service Supervisor.

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