Captain Louis C. Bray, III

Captain Louis C. Bray, III is a 24 year veteran with the Sheriff's Office.  After graduating from Ichabod Crane School and serving in the United States Army from 1991 - 1993 in the Mechanized Infantry, Louis was hired in 1996 as a Full Time Communications Officer at the Sheriff's Office.  

From there Louis was hired as a part-time Deputy Sheriff in 1998 and attended and graduated at the top of his class at the Zone 14 Police Academy and was ultimately hired as a Full Time Deputy Sheriff in February of 1999.

During his patrol years, Louis was a Field Training Officer who mentored many young Deputy Sheriffs who still remain at the Sheriff's Office today.  He was also a Resident Deputy in Zone 803 (Kinderhook, Stuyvesant & Valatie) for many years.  

During his tenure with the Sheriff's Office, Louis was also a member of the Sheriff's Office SWAT Team and graduated from the FBI SWAT school in 2001.  Captain Bray was an original founding member of the Sheriff's Office Project Lifesaver program that is still active to this day.  

In 2016, Louis was promoted to Sergeant and became the Division Commander for the Security Services Division of the Sheriff's Office.  During this time, he acheived the New York State Sheriff's Association accreditation in Court Security for the first time for the Sheriff's Office.

Assigned as the 1st Sergeant of the Sheriff's Office road patrol in 2018, he supervised the uniformed Sergeants and Deputies and as the training Supervisor, Louis oversaw all training for the law enforcement division.  

In June of 2020, Louis was promoted to Lieutenant and then was promoted to Captain in October of 2020 where he currently oversees the entire law enforecement division of Sheriff's Office.  Louis will also be responsible for maintaining the Law Enforcement Accreditation Standards.  

Captain Bray is the only New Yorks State Certified Master Instructor at the Sheriff's Office and also holds many other instructor certifications including General Topics, RADAR / LIDAR, DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Firearms & Chemical Agents, Police Supervision & Civil Enforcement.  

Captain Bray has several meritorious service awards, including one for being a Deputy Sheriff who was shot in the line of duty at a standoff in the Village of Phimont in September of 2008.  

Captain Bray lives in Kinderhook with his family. 

                                                            Lieutenant John M. Rivero

Lieutenant John M. Rivero is a 21 year veteran with the Sheriff's Office.  Lt. Rivero began his law enforcement career in 1995 when he was sponosored by the Philmont Village Police Department to attend the Zone 14 Police Academy.  After graduation, John worked for the Greene County Sheriff's Office and Catskill Police Department before transferring to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office in 1999. 

While at the Sheriff's Office, Lieutenant Rivero was promoted to Criminal Investigator in 2007 and was responsible for the startup of the Welfare Fraud Task Force.  As the Sheriff's Office first welfare fraud investigator, John had numerous successful cases and prosecutions which saved Columbia County residents millions of dollars.

In 2014, John took a new position as First Sergeant of the Civil Enforcement Division.  In this position, John managed the civil office which is responsible for levies, seizures, services of civil process and monies collected by the Sheriff's Office.  John also achieved the New York State Sheriff's Association accreditation in the Civil Enforcement Division for the first time for the Sheriff's Office in 2015.

In October of 2020, John was promoted to Lieutenant and now oversees the daily operations of the Sheriff's road patrol.

Lieutenant Rivero has served in a unique role in the Sheriff's Office as the sole translator for Spanish speaking persons.  John has also recevied numerous service awards while at the Sheriff's Office - Exceptional duty, life saving and meritorious service.  

Lieutenant Rivero has been a resident of Columbia County since 1985 and lives in Kinderhook with his family and enjoys coaching several youth sports. 

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