The Sheriff's Office DIVE Team consists of divers and land based support personnel.  The team is fully mobile
with an emergency response truck that is equipped with water related rescue & recovery equipment and an on-board
cascade system.

Lieutenant Wayne Lopez is DIVE Team Commander.  Members on the team are trained and certified as Public Safety
Divers.  They have special training and
are certified in rapid deployment, black water, ice rescue, swift-water
rescue, vehicle extrication, and S.T.A.T (Sub-Surface Technical Anti-Terrorist Training).  The team's
responsibilities include, but are not limited to, search and rescue/recovery, (victims &  evidence) and
submerged vehicle rescue and recovery.

The team trains year round, regardless of weather and water conditions.  It is equipped with dry suits, AGA masks, and
underwater communications.  The dive team trains with other agencies including other law enforcement agencies, fire
departments and rescue squads.  
Columbia County Sheriff's Office
David P. Bartlett, SHERIFF                     John W. Davi, UNDERSHERIFF
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