The business office for the Sheriff's Civil Enforcement Division is located at the main lobby of the Columbia County Public Safety Facility at 85 Industrial Tract, Hudson, New York 12534.  This is the only office permitted to handle civil matters.  The office is open Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and is closed on weekends and legal holidays.  If you have questions or must contact this office in regards to a Civil matter, please call (518) 828-0601 ext. 1413.

the Civil Enforcement Division is under the direction of Division Commander, 1st Sergeant Ian Boehme who works closely with the Civil Clerk and patrol Deputy Sheriffs.  Deputy Sheriffs are required to carry out evictions and serve papers and court orders as part of their patrol duties.

This Division provides a state mandated service, which is provided by all Sheriff's Offices throughout New York State.  This office is the enforcement tool for all courts, including small claims, city, town, county, state and federal jurisdictions.

Its purpose and function is to serve and execute the various legal processes issued not only by and for the several non-criminal courts of New york State and for jurisdictions of other states, but also for the legal community and the general public.

All summonses, subpoenas, request for levies, income and property executions and warrants of eviction are routed through the Civil Enforcement Division where they are processed, recorded and assigned for service.

The Civil Enforcement Division processes more than one million dollars a year in funds collected which are distributed to courts, individuals or attorneys representing clients.  Fees allowed by NYS law and collected for providing these services generate revenue for the county.  The Division also arranges for court ordered sales of seized property, receives and disburses bails and handles Order of Protection issued by Family Court Judges.

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