Columbia County Sheriff's Office
David P. Bartlett, SHERIFF                     John W. Davi, UNDERSHERIFF
Columbia County Local Law 7-1990 requires the registration of all residential and business
alarms in the county.
 This includes Burglar, Intrusion and Fire Alarms.  The Columbia County
Sheriff’s Office maintains a record of these alarms, (except for those in the City of Hudson).

A two-page “Registration for Alarm System” form must be filled out and submitted to the Sheriff’s
Office along with the annual $10 fee.  
At the beginning of each successive year, an invoice and
a copy of the registration form are mailed to each registrant.
 Corrections and/or changes can
be made at this time or at any time but must be in writing.  We will not accept changes over the
phone.  To access the registration form, click here:   
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