Columbia County Sheriff's Office
David P. Bartlett, SHERIFF                     John W. Davi, UNDERSHERIFF
The Sheriff's Office SWAT Team, (Special Weapons And Tactics), has motivated and dedicated
Deputy Sheriff's who, after qualifying in physical agility and firearm proficiency, must complete a
rigorous two week training by the FBI and then continual monthly training to be members of the team.  
Volunteering to be ready at a moments notice even when off duty, the members of the SWAT team, all
still have other full time duties and responsibilities within the Sheriff’s Office.  Knowing that they may be
called on to respond to a violent or otherwise critical incident, the members of the SWAT Team take
their job and training seriously.  
The team has responded to incidents such as hostage
situations, barricaded subjects, high risk search and arrest warrant arrests and high risk
building entries.

Team members have specialized training in tactical firearms, less than lethal devices and tactical first
They train to be as ready as possible to respond to potentially, the most dangerous
situations in our County.
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