Columbia County Sheriff's Office
David P. Bartlett, SHERIFF                     John W. Davi, UNDERSHERIFF
Senior Citizens and Persons with
Disabilities who reside alone in Columbia
and do not have contact with other
people on a daily basis may be eligible for the

Working together to give these individuals a
form of daily contract to help ensure that they
are not left unattended, the Sheriff’s Office and
Office for the Aging have developed the

Those individuals registered with the program
will be called electronically the same time every
day to verify their welfare.
Will this program protect me
if I have an emergency?

.  Please be advised that the
program is offered as a
convenience to Senior Citizens
and Persons with Disabilities
who reside alone. The Program
is NOT a substitute for
emergency services.  

In the event you have an
emergency, the Program does
not automatically provide or
guarantee an emergency
response. If you have an
emergency, you should contact
the appropriate fire, police or
medical services or utilize the
“911” Emergency number.  In no
event should you rely upon the
for emergency assistance or

Important Notice:

Individuals enrolling in the
will be required to sign a waiver
upon acceptance in the program.
Please be sure to read the
language in the waiver before you

Subscriber acknowledges that
providing the service as a public
service and for no compensation;
and, may in their sole discretion,
terminate this service at any time.

Subscriber also acknowledges
that technical problems or human
error may result in a failure of the
service at any time
Program Summary:
Individuals who wish to participate in SENIOR SAFETY NET must be residents of Columbia County, be 21
years of age or older, reside alone, are a Senior Citizen or a person with a disability and does not have
daily contact with a family member or other individual who is in a position to assist by calling for help.

Participants must have a push button phone and must register by first completing personal information and
waiver forms provided by the Columbia County Office for the Aging.  This can be done by completing the
forms and returning them by mail or in person to the Office for the Aging.  They must designate someone as
a Key Holder who can respond if necessary.  If the person has no outside contact person to provide access
to their residence, the participant may also submit a key for their residence with the forms. The key will be
kept at the Columbia County Sheriff’s Communication Center.  

Registration forms can be obtained from the Office of the Aging at 325 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY 12534
or by calling 518-828-4258.  The SENIOR SAFETY NET service is provided free of charge.

The Office for the Aging will ensure that the participant qualifies and that he/she fully understands the
program and that all necessary forms are completed and signed. The participant must choose a time for an
electronic phone call to be made to them.  It should be when they will normally be home between the hours
of 6:00AM and 10:00AM.  Once the individual is accepted into the program and the registration packet is
complete and verified, the Office for the Aging will forward a SENIOR SAFETY NET participant information
form to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

When the packet is received, the Sheriff’s Office will contact the participant by phone to verify that their
phone functions properly and to notify them of when the daily electronic phone calls will be begin.  The
electronic phone call will be made every day at that time (excluding any phone or electronic failure).  When
the call is made, the call should be  answered with the participant saying “hello”.  There will then be a
message which says, “Hello, this is your SENIOR SAFETY NET call from the Columbia County Sheriff’s
Office and Office for the Aging, are you OK? ”  The participant will then press a number on their push
button phone and hang up to verify that they are alright and no further action is needed.  If the participant
does not press the number on their phone, the call will be attempted a second time.  If the call is still not
completed the second time or  the number is not pushed on the push button phone, the Sheriff’s  Office
Communications Center will be notified electronically by phone message.

When the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center is notified that the call was not completed, the
Communication Officer will attempt one call to the participant.  If no contact is made to verify that the
participant’s welfare, a key holder and a Sheriff’s or Police patrol will be sent to the residence to check on
the participant.  

The Deputy Sheriff/Police Officer will take whatever action is necessary depending on what situation is
found at the  participant’s residence.  A person also designated by the participant as an emergency contact
person will be notified of the situation by the Deputy Sheriff/Police Officer.

A SENIOR SAFETY NET participant may be permanently or temporarily removed from the program for
vacations, extended hospitalization or for other reasons by contacting the Office for the Aging or having a
family member make the notification.  The  Office for the Aging will notify the Sheriff’s Office that the
participant wishes to be removed from the program.  A Sheriff’s Communication Officer will contact the
participant and advise him/her that the calls will no longer be made.  

A participant may also be removed from the program for repeated intentional false non-
completed calls or actions which jeopardize the welfare of other persons or emergency

All information submitted to the Office for the Aging and Sheriff’s Office is confidential and will only be
released to Emergency Medical Services, and only if there is a medical emergency relating to the
Program is offered through the
cooperation of the Columbia
County Sheriff’s Office and the
Columbia County Office for the

Funding was made available
through a
Grant from Senator
Stephen Saland and the
Columbia County Emergency
Management Office
Copyright ©2006 Columbia County Sheriff's Office, Hudson, NY 12534