Columbia County Sheriff's Office
David W. Harrison, Jr., SHERIFF                     James R. Sweet, UNDERSHERIFF
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                                                   Sheriff's Satellite Offices Opened
                                                                        January 19, 2007
Columbia County, NY        Columbia County Sheriff David W. Harrison, Jr. announces the opening of four Sheriff’s
Satellite Offices in the Towns of Kinderhook, Chatham, Ancram and Germantown.  Sheriff Harrison reports that the
offices are located in “each corner”, at the outer areas of the county and are fully functional and equipped to allow
Deputy Sheriff’s to process arrests and complete reports in the field.  Previously, Deputy Sheriff’s would have to
travel back to the Public Safety Facility in Greenport to complete reports and process arrest finger printing and
photographing.  Each office is equipped with secure computer terminals, which can access sheriff’s office servers
at the Public Safety Facility.  The opening of the satellite offices now gives Deputy Sheriff’s the ability to complete
those duties at five different locations in Columbia County (Public Safety Facility included).  Additionally, the
locations can be used to interview victims, witnesses and suspects.    

The new satellite offices are located in the town halls of Chatham, Germantown and one which had been previously
partially operational, (no access to Sheriff’s servers), since the new town hall opened in Ancram.
Also, in the Town of Kinderhook, Supervisor Doug McGiveny and his Town Board have provided an office in their
newly acquired building on State Farm Road.  Sheriff Harrison said that Supervisor McGiveney approached him
with the offer of a place in the building which is being renovated.  The county facilities crew painted the room and
found a used desk and other furniture for it.   Lt. Thomas Lanphear, who is the Director of Information Technology
for the Sheriff’s Office, installed the computer terminals in all of the offices.  

With the implementation of the Sheriff’s Satellite Offices, Deputy Sheriff’s can remain in their assigned areas and
patrol for a greater amounts of time during their shifts without having to return to the Public Safety Facility for
arrests and reports.   

Sheriff Harrison thanks Supervisor Doug McGivney of Kinderhook, Germantown Supervisor Roy Brown, Chatham
Supervisor Jesse DeGroodt, and Ancram Supervisor Jerry Roberts for their assistance and support. Additionally,
James Keegan, Chairman of the Board and Supervisors and the county Legal Committee chaired by Angelo
Valentino for their support.  These individuals and the members of their respective Town Boards were instrumental
in making the satellite offices come to fruition.

In addition to these four satellite offices, the Sheriff pointed out that there will be additional data entry points in the
Town Halls of Claverack, Stuyvesant and Hillsdale thanks to Supervisors Keegan, Valerie Bertram of Stuyvesant,
Arthur Baer Deputy Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and their Town Board.
Deputy Sheriff’s will be able to enter reports, but not process arrests.

Sheriff Harrison also thanked the County Facilities Department for all the work they did in preparing the Kinderhook
Satellite Office.