The Corrections Emergency Response Team, or CERT, has been in service since 2002.  The team is
comprised of several extensively trained Correction Officers who are assigned as emergency deployment
for various high-risk incidents in the Public Safety Facility.  Corporal Edward Tice is Commander of
Corrections CERT.  

Members of the team train to prepare for response to emergencies such as inmate riots, escapes,
hostage situations, fires within the jail, mass arrests, jail evacuations, large scale cell searches, major
crimes and high risk inmate transports.

During these situations they may be called upon to
quell inmate disturbances, respond to inmate
escapes, secure the facility perimeter, search for dangerous contraband and make arrests of
sometimes violent offenders.
 Should there be a fire within the facility, CERT has the ability to provide
security and assistance to the local fire department with the use of self-contained breathing apparatus
(SCBA).  CERT provides armed and/or unarmed security during jail evacuations, security for major crime
scenes within the jail and security for high profile and high risk inmate transports. CERT also trains for
inmate disturbances within the facility as well as when their duties extend beyond that of the correctional
facility.  Not only is CERT on call for situations inside the jail,
it can also be called upon for situations
outside of the facility such as civilian large group disturbances (riots) or any other situation
the Sheriff deems necessary.
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